YinzPitt.com – Entertainment / Pittsburgh Blog

Yinzpitt is my creation and in depth exploration into a pure grass roots social media campaign. I’ve promoted it with nothing but Twitter, Facebook, organic SEO, and linking partnerships. It’s done relatively well in regards to a Pittsburgh-centric ranking and is still pulling in unique views even though I don’t update it as much anymore.

I would say in terms of learning especially with various social media strategies, Twitter has been the king in terms of immediate posting and gains compared to YinzPitt’s Facebook page. Most of my articles are released during the day and see good returns from the work force crowd with a significant drop off after 5 pm. Twitter has been YinzPitt’s best tool and I can’t suggest enough that no matter how big or small a site is, engaging the user base is not only rewarding, but a large increase in potential viewer’s opinions and ideas as well as immediate feedback.