Working With WordPress and Standard Commenting

In the world of SEO. Anything that’s made in WordPress and can be commented on is pretty much under attack on a minute basis by spam bots looking to leave their spam comments on an unsuspecting author’s hard work.

So for the time being, I’m working through to see what kind of spam I can actually negate by trying different comment systems for my website and WordPress. Hopefully I find one that I like and feel great about that can be released on other websites as well.

For the time being, I’m using the nifty plugin called “Facebook Comments by Fat Panda.” Funny WordPress plugin name aside, the plugin seems to be a breeze at the moment. It was super easy to install(as it drops over top of my coded comments section). At the moment, it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I want to remove the spam, and I’ve grown tired of moderating it. So what I wanted was the ability to only allow people that were “real(of course people make fake profiles),” but this limits or should limit a lot of the spam.

I suppose my only real complaint about this plugin is that it feels slow when it’s loading the post. That might just be a cache issue, but if it isn’t that’s the only realĀ hindranceĀ I have with the plugin.

I’ll be trying the “Disqus Comment System” next. It has more options, but I feel it’s not as simple as I wanted this one to be. So obviously if this doesn’t work, or I grow tired of this possible slow load, I’ll change it out. Either way, any and all options over the stock WordPress Commenting option is fantastic.