Website Design

There’s no excuse for businesses to not have a website. Even if that means telling customers no because you can’t handle the amount of business that your website could potentially create. The ability to immediately show off your work, discuss your services, or even just giving a potential client or customer another way to contact you can go a long way in earning someone’s business. Having the proper website design for your business is just as important as your storefront in this modern world.

This is why as a web designer, I must continually push my boundaries and teach myself the current standards to stay relevant in the website design industry. As of late, I’ve set out to learn different Content Management Systems and learn how they work. CouchCMS and WordPress(my natural go to) have helped me immensely in staying on top of the game in terms of creating easily adaptable sites that are custom-built to suit any style.

This ain’t your typical prefab theme…

In other words, I’ve set out to do something different using the WordPress CMS and custom website design. Nowadays the go-to is creating and building off of the 2012 theme, and designing your site from there.

I’ve made it a promise to myself to not only shy away from designing around a theme of someone else’s taste, but to create my own so I can pick what works for my sites and adapt them to make my messages as strong as possible.

Lets get responsive with website design…

Another thing I’ve set out to teach myself was responsive website design. It’s quirky at times, but overall something that I’ve learned to handle pretty well. This site is designed within the Foundations Framework, so it could be customized for all devices across the board. From cell phones, to tablets, and on the typical desktop screen, this site just works.

I’ve come a long way since designing my first website in Fireworks, and using tables within tables(yuck). Creating something new while learning is a passion of mine that I don’t see going away anytime soon. The great thing about continuing my education with Website Design, is that I can learn new tricks while also figuring out ways it could make my life as an SEO Consultant much easier.