Stop Saying SEO is Dead!

I’m seeing the headline more and more every day that states “SEO is DEAD!” It’s a tired statement, and SEO is hardly dead. What’s more frustrating is that people will use that term, and then list the reasons about why seo isn’t really dead. I suppose this is my rant on why people should stop using the phrase “SEO is dead!”

SEO is deadI’m just tired of reading it, so much so that it’s causing me to write about it at this moment. Another frustrating thing is when I get emails from spam SEO services using that phrase as the subject header, but then they magically have the answer to get you ranked high on the first page using tactics not known to Google.

Please, tactics not known to Google? The only person/company that has a say about ranking IS Google, and you might have a system that works now, but will surely be busted in the future causing more harm to the website than good. Backlinking strategies have changed, especially since unnatural linking can and will hurt your business.

SEO is dead! But we can beat Google!

SEO dies year after year, Google update after Google update. I’ve seen it time and time again and read people proclaim the end of the world for SEO has come. The fact of the matter is, SEO doesn’t die, it merely changes and adapts into what Google dictates when it comes to how they display organic searches.

Yes, there are also black hat seo options that work. It’s party of my job to keep up on what the darker side is doing. Sure, some things they do become Russian Roulette with your website, and some things do work for the long-term. However I’d be willing to bet that at some point you’re site will be hit negatively.

Doing it the right way, the way Google wants you to do it will have a far greater impact. The thought of what SEO is may have changed, but it hasn’t died. The days of easy SEO are certainly gone, but don’t pretend or listen to anyone telling you that SEO is dead. I’ve been doing local seo marketing for the better part of 6 years. I’ve seen all kinds of fluctuations and changes in the SEO process, but it hasn’t gone away. It’s become more widespread if anything, it’s just a shame people use the scare tactic to submit people into doing SEO in a way to “beat Google.”

I suppose that’s one thing I have to learn as well, writing content just for the search engines gets old, boring, and does not entertain the reader. So about what I wrote yesterday, I’ve decided what’s going to be next on my plate. Writing well thought out content that’s meant to engage the reader, ask questions, and hopefully offer help to a person who may be looking for it.