Stop Believing False SEO Consultant Promises

Seriously, as an SEO Consultant I’ve grown weary of trusting what business owners tell me what they’ve heard about their industry and how fast they’ll be able to rank keywords. There are some bad eggs out there when it comes to SEO, and one of the major rules that I’ve personally never allowed myself to break is promising someone ranking on the front page in a variable amount of time.

Plain and simple, those guarantees should never happen. Most of the time, when things are promised like that it means that less than honest ways are used to get that ranking. What ends up happening in the end is that the business owner gets burned, and the SEO Guy either falls off the map or simply collects his money until the website gets penalized.

It shouldn’t ever be that way. SEO Consultants are good and bad. Ask for references, do some research on your own about the SEO Consultant you’re entrusting to manage your website’s content and campaign. Finding the right consultant can take you as well as your business to another level. Hiring the wrong one, can send it into a downward spiral. Not to mention, if you were to pick the wrong one you may pay even more later to fix your website ranking solution as well as repairing your branding.

About the time only time you can make immediate impact, is if your website/branding is recognizable, attains immediate backlinks, social buzz, or are paying for the immediate visits through advertising. The only issue, is that outside of advertising through PPC/other media outlets. Local small businesses in the area aren’t as popular as the owner may find(of course this doesn’t relate to all businesses), and there’s no magic pill to give an immediate shot of businesses.

In the simplest form, Search Engine Optimization is used as a long term approach to build a solid web presence. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, do the research on the SEO Consultant and protect yourself before spending the money to start a campaign with them.