Social Media and Your Small Business

In the small business marketing world, starting anything on the web/social media is a daunting task. Often times, the thought of social media for your small business can scare a person away even before starting to promote their business. I’m here to tell you that today, the use of social media and your small business is not as crazy it seems. The use for social media and your business should be an easy transition. I mean let’s face it, you know your customer base, you know your products, and you’re willingly talking to them and about them day in and day out? Why not take what has already made you successful and move it to the online world?

Social Media Icons

social media can propel your small business to the next level!

The ease of Social Media is the thing that gets me the most. I hear on a daily basis that the small business owner doesn’t have as much time to become engaging with their customer base, or doesn’t think it’s beneficial to their particular set of product or service. Unfortunately that’s just not the case. We’re living in a world now where even the most ridiculous transaction is sold online. It’s as easy as signing up, creating a page/account, and reaching out. Building a consistent pattern with your customers, or priding yourself on being able to answer various questions can set yourself apart from the competitor. Not to mention it’s as close to free advertising that you’re going to get, and you have full access to say what you want about anything you offer.

Increase engagement with social media

Spending your time on social media can also provide growth to your business or service. The engagement with users can spread like wildfire if you’re doing it just right and providing excellent online service to people specifically looking to hear from you. You may think you’re only speaking to “potential customer a,” but when you start the interaction, everyone that’s following them has the ability to see your name, or even jump in on the conversation. At the end of the day, the amount of people you can reach out to is staggering when you think about it.

Use social media to build relationships

Building those relationships is essential in keeping your business in the mind’s of people looking for a specific service. It helps on so many levels that social media shouldn’t be off of your radar. Even if you spend 15-20 minutes a day working to build relationships with customers, you have the ability to be searched for and be seen. Creating those lasting impressions can be seen even months after you have the original interaction. that first step to providing a solid reputation and being seen is the ever important first impression. Having the ability to create their first impression with your business without them even having to step foot in your door can be invaluable when making a quick sale.

Sure, there’s going to be times where a customer might be unhappy, and they’ll likely take to the web to spread the word. Having the ability to give a response, explain your side of the situation, and then offer a result to rectify the situation has all of those external people viewing that you’re an owner who’s ready to stand for his/her business.

All in all, while the first fear of not knowing where to start might be the case, and you might think it’s harder than it really is. Once you’re involved with social media for your small business and see how easy it can be, you’re going to be excited at all the opportunities you can create between your products and the customers looking for them.