Mobile SEO

Making sure your website is visible for desktop and mobile searches is a must for your business. From responsive website design to adaptive, it’s essential your business can offer a mobile experience.

Mobile SEO isn’t much different from doing SEO for desktop computers. While Google has information on mobile SEO and mobile optimization, optimizing for mobile is a difficult task. Let me help you combine mobile SEO and desktop SEO into one seamless experience!

Is your website mobile friendly?

On April 21st, 2015, Google announced a new search algorithm that would take effect within their mobile search results pages. This algorithm was simply dubbed the “mobile-friendly update.” In short, this algorithm determines if your website is “mobile-friendly,” or not. If you’re not “mobile-friendly” you would be labeled as such in mobile search results, and subject to loss of rankings in those searches.

This update has put the spotlight on mobile marketing and mobile SEO. Fortunately, Google has given us information on their “mobile-friendly” algorithm. This general information below has helped SEOs understand what to target first when it comes to mobile SEO.

  • Affects only search rankings on mobile devices
  • Affects search results in all languages globally
  • Applies to singular pages, not entire websites (real-time algorithm updates)

While the points above are just about the algorithm itself, Google has also offered tips how your website is classified as “mobile-friendly.” These tips below are customer experience optimizations for mobile, as Google cares deeply about providing a great experience to its searchers.

  • Site graphics and images should be mobile optimized
  • Text should be easy to read on mobile devices
  • Buttons and links should be easily “clickable”
  • Avoid unplayable content
  • Avoid slow loading mobile pages

Google released a “Mobile-Friendly Test” tool to help us understand how we can better optimize our websites for mobile. If you’re concerned that your website isn’t “mobile-friendly” feel free to contact me. I’d be more than happy to discuss mobile SEO and mobile marketing with you today!

Google Mobile SEO Algorithm

Mobile SEO for your business

Every year people spend more time on their mobile devices. Many businesses in the Pittsburgh area have websites that aren’t designed to handle different screen sizes and load times. Mobile SEO and marketing shouldn’t be ignored. These factors below are increasingly important when it comes to having a mobile optimized website.

  • Page and website speed matter, the faster the better
  • Don’t block CSS, Javascript, or images
  • Sites must be designed to handle mobile and desktop experiences
  • Meta titles and descriptions become even more important
  • Use structured data
  • Optimize for local search

If you’re looking to discuss mobile SEO feel free to reach out to me today. It’s never too late to start a search campaign, and the size of your business isn’t important. Providing a seamless customer experience across the board can help the growth of your company in more ways than you can imagine!