Local SEO Services

From Google Business listings to understanding the value of having your small business information displayed correctly across the web. It is vital for your business to be found within the maps and business listings to be found by potential customers searching for your services. Different local internet marketing tactics and strategies fall under the umbrella of local SEO services, which is why navigating the waters and finding the correct local SEO company for your business is crucial.

Local SEO services for your business

Local SEO isn’t some magic bean used to print your own money. At the end of the day, it’s about applying the long list of local SEO techniques that are known to work, and seeing which ones work best for your website. This is why it’s important to choose the correct company that provides local SEO services and while helping you understand exactly what it is that they want to do to your website.

Some local SEO services for your business will include:

  • Google Map Listings
  • Google Plus Business Page
  • Citations across the web that are correct and uniform
  • Schema application for your address
  • Website Coding to apply best local SEO best practices
  • Local specific content creation

There are some things to think about as a business owner as well. As much as it is hiring the right person to offer you local SEO services, you must be ready to face the music when it comes to knowing how much time, money and human resources will be needed within your own business to make this joint local SEO effort successful. Some decisions need input or materials from the client, and it’s incredibly important for you to understand involved this commitment can be.

Local SEO companies in Pittsburgh shouldn’t be hiding your proprietary information either. As a business owner, you deserve access to all the created accounts made by the local SEO service provider. You should never be held hostage for anything that has your business name on it, and it is even critical for you to control admin access to your third party created profiles.

Local SEO Services and ROI

ROI in the small business advertising world is critical to the success of your business. Don’t fall for the ranking metrics and having that local SEO company solely offer you information that is deemed as “fluff” by many of the serious SEOs in the area. I’m not interested in providing those metrics as the end all be all success of your website. I’m more curious about what you consider a success, and providing real statistics to the improvement of sales, customer interaction and brand establishment.

At the end of the day, these are what set me apart from others in the Pittsburgh SEO industry. It’s not about “getting you ranked number 1.” It’s about increasing the reach of your website while optimizing it to offer the best purchase path possible for the searching customer.