Releases The Future of Seach 2013 Ranking Factors released their article “The Future of Search: 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Released.” As always, it’s an excellent article discussing the landscape of where search has gone/is going for 2013 and beyond. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed these articles because it lists anything and everything that has to do with search engine optimization. It’s a solid guide for learning to take your website step by step, while also correcting SEO issues on your site that you didn’t know could benefit your website.

For 2013, surveyed over 120 leading search marketers who provided expert opinions on over 80 rankings factors. Refer below to see the embedded graph displaying what they believe to be the largest impact, all the way down to the smallest. I’ll provide my thoughts below the provided information.

2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors


# of Google +1’s – Interesting enough, it’s believed that the number of Google +1’s is one of the largest beneficial things that could be done for your website. It’s even more interesting that something that’s not overly technical is the leading helper in creating strength on the web.

The ever increasing social aspect is also something that’s risen over the past few years. Facebook/Twitter/Social Media signals continue to increase as Search Engine Ranking factors, while predominantly being regarded as brand reputation and management signals for a company/brand.

# of Characters in Body Copy – This ranking shows up at a small .09 in comparison to other signals. I figured it’d be a lot more, considering the over preaching of quality content and the recent discussions of longer whitepapers creating more traction among Search Rankings. 

All in all, nothing out of the ordinary with this list. I tend to agree with it and continue to work on the little things within this list, because they do add up over time.