Making Progress

Yea, I took a week off. Sue me. The holiday made it incredibly tough to get any time down to actually collect my thoughts and put them within a Google document. I also sacrificed some time to continue advancing forward in

I basically wanted to get past the HTML and CSS stuff and get right into jQuery. I’ve also made it a personal goal to knock out 10-15 learning challenges a day, and so far so smooth. The actual jQuery stuff has interested me so far. I’m really looking forward to getting into more advanced lessons with it and seeing what I can actually walk away from it with.

I really can’t recommend FreeCodeCamp enough. It’s been a great jump-start into learning and helping remember what I learned a long time ago. It really does feel like I needed to shake the cobwebs off. Either way, it’s exciting, and I’m going to continue pushing forward.

Another interesting thing that I came across this week, was the announcement that ClickZ was closing their events business.Kind of huge surprise because of how many events they put on a year. They always seemed like one of the first/bigger companies to put on a continual event cycle, so it will be interesting to see what else may come of it, if anything.

Oh well, another quick-ish update – but it’s progress right? I’m really trying to hold true to at least consistently writing once a week and publishing it. I have already seen a slow improvement on visits as well as Google Search Console data. A few more weeks, and it may be something I get to write about!