Link Building Through Relationships

Every SEO has the ability to create tons of content for the people searching for it, and the search engines who need to rank it. In fact, I think that’s the easiest part of doing Search Engine Optimization…link building? Not so much.

The hardest part, is finding credible links to get back links from, and getting those credible sites to even give you a mention. This is the struggle that I’ve decided to work with over the next few weeks/months/forever. I’ve really got to do a better job for myself in becoming more social on sites like Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn to really try and set up a solid connection between SEO’s and myself. Link building is about being social, credible, and willing to reach out and connect with people who share the same values as you do.

More or less, I’d love to create professional relationships with people near me in the industry and then through those created relationships follow through with an agreed upon link building program. Let’s face it, and it’s something that’s debated time and time again, that backlinks still very much matter for SEO and link building is essential. No matter how much people want to get away from them, they’re going to be with us for a while longer, and while content is “king,” Google is still looking for credible sites to display that information from.

The method most used, is looking for directories and just putting your link there and being done with. I have no interest in creating this kind of action. I want to solely use relationships and Social Media to build links with friends, while working to create necessary content worth linking with them.

Also, as a quick tip in for new products. Open Site Explorer just released their “newly-discovered” back links section using the Twitter index. It’s fantastically awesome and a good way to see your Social Media link building¬†exercise¬†come to life.