It Takes Two To SEO Tango

…Especially when it comes to being an SEO Consultant and working with other Small Businesses around the area. As a small business, you’ve put in crazy amounts of work to get where you are today. That’s understood immediately when you sign a deal to have SEO done to your website. However, the one thing that’s a battle is assuming that something like SEO just works.

Plain and simple, there’s much communication and support needed from both the consultant side, as well as the business owner side. To expect your site to increase in rankings/visits by just having the content you have on your website is an incorrect thought. It’s never an exact science to begin with while doing SEO.

It’s purely in my strategy to do all the research, make sure all the content is completed correctly and within the standards of good SEO, and making sure the back linking doesn’t actually hurt the website through one of Google’s Algo changes.

Having your entire site built with the correct foundation, using the proper content, and working on getting relevant back links gives your website a shot to place well in the rankings. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be placed within the top 3 spots either.

That being said, you’re going to get just as much out of it as you put in. Keeping the SEO Consultant informed with new content/products will go great lengths in content creation. This kind of content is essential to increasing your site as well as it’s reach throughout the internet.