Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, which can also be known by online marketing, e-marketing, online advertisement, and search engine marketing is the process of branding your business with an online presence. While Internet Marketing is labeled many things, the most common ad types for the online marketing presence are done through PPC(Pay-Per-Click) campaigns.

Internet Marketing PittsburghWhile Search Engine Optimization is a form of internet marketing. The most common types of internet marketing are as follows:

Affiliate Marketing – this form of internet marketing is the practice of a business paying an online retailer, blog, or e-commerce site for each visit or visit that produces a sale on their own website.

Display Advertising – this type of internet marketing is often referring to increasing product awareness by displaying advertisement banners on other websites to increase traffic to their own website.

Email Marketing – A pretty self explanatory process of internet marketing. This would be a typical newsletter or promotional email that’s sent to the businesses subscribing customer base to promote a sale or a product that the business would like to raise awareness on.

Search Engine Marketing – Most commonly called SEM, is the process of advertising your business or product by paying for ad spaces on search engine results pages. The most common form of SEM is the use of Google AdWords.

Social Media Marketing – Another self explanatory form of internet marketing. This type of marketing uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to increase brand awareness as well as website promotion.

Why is Internet Marketing important?

Following through with a cost effective internet marketing campaign for your business has the ability to reach millions of people from around the world. Which in turn gives your business a legit shot at a worldwide target market. The other glaring bonus is that it’s a cost-effective solution over paying out thousands of dollars to television and paper ads.

Finally, having the correct internet marketing campaign allows your business to measure the ROI in an almost instant basis. When pared with an analytics measuring program, the knowledge and potential customers gained can help take your business to the next level.