Upcoming Google Penguin and Panda Updates…Oh Boy!

Every SEO’s annoying nightmare is about to come true yet again. Matt Cutts of Google recently announced that there will be another large Penguin update this year, as well as a Panda update. Another thing that I’m interested in is that Cutt’s announced that Google is also going after a few link networks in 2013.

Matt Cutts of GoogleWe’ve seen various directories take a hit, but I’m ultimately curious about what they would consider a link network. Personally, these aren’t things that I’m worried about, as most of the stuff I do won’t be penalized. Plain and simple, SEO won’t ever go away. It just mutates into other things involving internet marketing and the like.

This article excerpt was taken from SearchEngineLand’s website in regards to Matt Cutts comments:

Matt said that there will be a large Penguin update in 2013 that he thinks will be one of the more talked about Google algorithm updates this year. Google’s search quality team is working on a major update to the Penguin algorithm, which Cutts called very significant.

That’s all well and good. I’m interested in seeing just how many websites are affected during this potential update to the Google Penguin algorithm.

Matt also announced there will be a Panda algorithm update this coming Friday (March 15th) or Monday (March 18th). The last Panda update was version 24 on January 22nd, which is one of the longer spans of time between Panda refreshes we’ve seen in a long time.

More than likely another 1% of Google searches will be affected and it’s nothing to go up in arms about.  Either way, myself and the millions of other SEO’s are certainly anticipating these changes.