Google Optimization Tips

A lot of people often wonder how various people can be consistently seen at the top of all kinds of rankings for their specific keyword targets. Plain and simple, Google Optimization is pretty easy. So easy in fact, that Google is starting to make it so anyone who practices sound web design, understands the basics of SEO, and can write content that can reach curious readers, be seen around throughout searches. Now admittedly, that’s not saying that it isn’t hard, because certain aspects of SEO are downright insanity. More or less what I’m talking about, is that pure Google Optimization can be mastered by almost anyone, and here’s tips on how that can all come together for you.

1) Sound Web Design Practices

Keeping your website’s code and structure in order is the first step in creating a healthy relationship between Google and yourself. Giving Google the ability to see everything it can without having to do any “thinking” work is ideal, and will put you in a better situation than someone who has confusing or “cluttered” code to read through.

2) Write Helpful Content For Others

This might seem like a far fetched idea, but it’s mostly becoming the gauge of pure Google Optimization. Google wants you to stop writing nonsensical “SEO articles” that are made for search engines, and get back to creating thoughtful content aimed at helping someone who’s looking for an answer. Eventually, writing enough helpful articles and creating content that anyone can use will make you reputable in Google’s eyes. Get in bed with them, and the rest are sure to follow!

3) Make use of Google’s Free Web Tools

While there are other tips out there, I feel that these three will quickly get you on your way and making sense with Google and the rest of the search engines. The good thing about Google, is that they have free tools available to you! Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are essential for everyone. There’s no excuse for not using them, and they offer great insight into the popularity if your pages and site. Use them, study them, and create more popular content around the already popular content on your site!