Google News Alerts: Tips and Tricks

I’ve been using Google News Alerts for the past few months in order to track my interests, follow people in my specific industry, and to be on top of the most important news in my world. It’s strange though, because I feel that people are missing out on a top flight product that helps you read your essentials or continue progressive research as an SEO Consultant.

I’ve found that Google news alerts are ideal for following the most important stuff as it comes across on Google. I figured there’s no better way than to write about how to setup and manage Google alerts, so you can get information that’s tailored to your interests, as well as your particular field.

Setting up Google Alerts

The process of actually setting up your Google alerts is so easy it’s not even funny. Finding out different search parameters however can be a little tricker.



Referencing the above image, is what you’ll see when you first go to the link supplied. This is the barebones setup of your Google Alerts. You can type anything you want within the search field, select the options and types of information you want to receive, how frequent you’ll receive it, and who it should be sent to.

While that’s simple enough, there are some search operators that can be used to create some technical searches to help you find the exact information you’re looking for without having to do the daily search yourself.

Questions within your niche

Using question type formulas can get you the jump on beating your competitor to the punch. Especially if you’re looking to see what kind of questions people are asking about a product or a service that you may offer. Being able to give your insight and advice immediately can give a lasting impression of your business within the mind of the person asking and reading the question.

  • Is * Keyword
  • How * Keyword
  • What * Keyword
  • Where * Keyword
  • Can * Keyword
  • Why * Keyword
  • Will * Keyword

Location based monitoring

Just as people are asking questions, you can find out if people within a certain location are speaking about the products or services you have. You can use these types of Google News Alerts search operators to help localize your searches.

  • Pittsburgh * Product
  • Product * Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh Product *

When people mention your brand

You can use google alerts to also find out when people manage your brand. This kind of things gives you the ability to see what, when, and if people are speaking about your business. It also helps in reputation management if people speak about your service in a negative manner. That also will go a long way in regards to retaining and obtaining new customers in the future.

  • business owner name
  • business product name

As you can see, there are just a few ways to take hold of Google News Alerts and make it your own. What special searches are you running that may be beneficial to others? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below! I use these Google alerts daily to find information that I can write about or if there’s any kind of back linking oppurtunity available. Being an SEO Consultant, I have to be on top of my game with what’s going in in the industry, or I risk falling behind. I certainly can’t have that!