Getting In Gear

Today marks the day where I feel like I’ve hit rock-bottom when it comes to posting to this site. Neil Patel wrote an excellent article called; “What Happens to SEO When You Stop Blogging?” and he couldn’t be more right.

Everything he spoke to, everything he sourced from Robert Ryan’s post about not blogging for 251 days was absolutely true. I’ve seen the consistent drop in rankings, visits, and every major metrics I care about. It honestly makes me feel terrible.

As they always say though, come with solutions; not problems. I’ve got to find a way to keep consistent with this, and avoiding burnout when it comes to actually writing. Writing is a craft I’d love to get better at, and the only way to do that; is to keep writing.

The one thing I’ve thought about trying, is just doing a weekly “what am I working on?” segment. I think this may be one of the easier things to do, purely because I can write in generic details about stuff I’m doing, and focus on the real recommendations.

Another thing that frustrates me, is that I’ve shoehorned myself in trying to write longer. My goal now is to just focus on the content and work on my writing ability. Where the word count falls, will be just fine with me.

Stay tuned!