Cringe Inducing SEO Phrases That Need To Go

I figured this kind of article was worth writing about. I was in a bad mood one day and I can’t remember which phrase it was that drove me over the edge, but it was certainly one of these below. There are some SEO Phrases that just make me want to go bezerk on people who use them. Sure, we all get annoyed with buzzwords but I just can’t let these go anymore. I’m incredibly tired of hearing about them and wish they’d just be put to bed. Here’s a list of my favorite worst SEO Phrases that need to stop being repeated.

“SEO is/isn’t dead”

Ah yes, the phrase that absolutely drives me to the brink of insanity on a daily basis. The shame of it all, is that I wrote actually about SEO not being dead in rebuttal to an argument that said it was a few weeks ago. Even I’m guilty of it and it was based on being tired of hearing about it.

I’m here to say that I doubt I’ll mention this phrase again on this website. This single phrase is littered throughout posts everyday all saying the same nonsensical things that SEO is dead for reason x and y. It just doesn’t need to be said and if you believe that SEO is dead, you can just go ahead and leave your SEO card at the door. SEO simply evolves and the people who adapt to the understanding of what that is, find success.

Sure, it was once solely about rankings and spamming backlinks to get to the top. However the fundamental thinking of SEO has adapted into multiple facets of web design, UI/UX, content, conversions, social, and strategy. You simply can’t master one thing and forget about the rest. Everything must be taken into account to really create everlasting success for a website.

“Content is king”

Oh boy, one phrase to rule them all. This SEO phrase gets repeated to nausea inducing levels. We get it, creating good content is good for your website. However there’s a strong misconception that creating good content can get your website seen and ranked.

I would say creating excellent content is opening the door to being seen, but it’s not the driver in getting ranked. For the time being, links still triumph over good content in my opinion. If you produce two articles with the exact same length one leaps and bounds content wise better than the other, if it doesn’t get linked and doesn’t establish authority, that good content essentially doesn’t matter quietly gets indexed into the sunset among all the other articles out there.

The SEO world doesn’t solely drive on one factor and utilizing multiple factors can create an impact all the same. So in reality, content, link earning/building, social media outreach, and marketing are all royalty. Having good content makes the process slightly easier, but if you’re starting at a base level range, it really doesn’t matter because you have to do the work to be found through other outlets anyways.

“We have a partnership with Google”

Anyone can have a partnership with Google if they spend enough money through AdWords, and that shouldn’t justify why you should work with a particular SEO Firm in the long run. When it comes to SEO, the only relationship you have with Google is that you create websites/content and have it indexed. You’re at Google’s mercy from their indexing process all the way through to the actual ranking process of your website.

You don’t tell Google where to rank your site, Google decides by various factors where to place your site.

So if anyone pulls that phrase on you, simply ask exactly what their relationship is and how they plan to leverage it for the search engine optimization side of things. If they tell you that it’s too complicated to discuss, they’re feeding you a line of “run away as fast as you can” jargon.

“We can get you position x in x amount of time”

Of course you can. Most of the time I’ve seen this doozie is when it’s coming from some kind of ridiculous spam email that I’ve received from one of my websites. I’ve been taught and literally pounded to never guarantee anything. I can estimate and I can create a solid plan that “could” get you to that ranking if everything goes well, but guarantee is simply not part of my vocabulary when it comes to SEO.

As an SEO Consultant, I’m very tired of hearing about them, talking about them, or much less reading about them in the dozens of articles that come out every day in regards to SEO. What are some of your cringe inducing phrases that drive you crazy?