CouchCMS To WordPress: Why I Made The Change

Now that the new version of my website is live, I’ve decided to write out my reasons for leaving the CouchCMS format in favor of the WordPress version.

CouchCMS at the time was perfect for what I needed it to be. I needed something lightweight, easy to update, and a simpler format for making quick SEO changes to my website. However, as I started using it more and more I felt like I was trying to make it WordPress when it wasn’t.

Make no mistake about it, CouchCMS is great and I’ve written about how good it was in the past. It’s just that time in my web design life where I make the switch and get on board with using WordPress for my website and stop trying to be different. Afterall, it is the absolute king when it comes to client and business websites.

CouchCMS is something that’s unique to each website. It has the ability to be customized, adding a small editable box for content that you’d want to give to the user while making everything else untouchable. It follows the KISS philosophy. Going outside of those lightweight boundaries like I did is where one would get into trouble.

Why I left CouchCMS for WordPress

Blog Power – I always got the feeling that CouchCMS was in fact too simple to manage a full-scale blog like the one I had on my older site. It was great when it came to making simple updates, but really became clunky to me when it came to writing a longer post filled with images and other media. Couple with the fact that it had no plugin support for it, I felt I was really missing out on some great WordPress plugins that helped article marketing and what-not.

Overall Support – The support between the two CMSs is unreal. CouchCMS had awesome support when I needed it, there was never a time when I felt like I couldn’t get help. However each time I had a problem, I had to log into their site’s forums and ask┬áthe guy that actually created it for help. WordPress on the other hand is on another level when it comes to support. There are literally thousands of websites dedicated to fixing problems that everyone who builds themes would run into. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know with WordPress, the support won’t ever go away.

WordPress is the accepted CMS –From large to small businesses, having a website created using WordPress is what has become the norm in the industry. CouchCMS is fantastic for custom solutions. WordPress is perfect for laying out an adaptable solution for businesses looking to update their sites.

I can’t stress it enough, I’ve used CouchCMS and I loved it. Sometimes it takes experimenting and learning new systems to realize that you should have worked with a certain CMS all along.