Conversion Rate Optimization – It’s Importance in 2015

I can already see it now. The term “Conversion Optimization” being used across the board by SEOs in 2015 as Google continues to alter the natural search landscape and make it more “difficult” to rank pages overall.

The truth is, most competent SEOs have done Conversion Optimization for a while now(see Moz’s tagged section for CRO)and it really is part of the day-to-day SEO operations.

It’s our job as SEOs to make sure that not only can a web page rank for various terms, but how well do those visitors convert (filling out forms, buying products, etc.) once they land on the actual page.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the scientific practice of utilizing site data and creating/optimizing tactics for increasing the conversion of visitors and increasing the chances that they turn into subscribers or customers.

CRO’s importance continues to grow as businesses work to target visitors online due to the understanding that SEO/Pay-Per-Click Advertising is valuable to the success of the overall business.

What’s involved with Conversion Optimization?

When it comes to the online presence of a business, conversion rate optimization should be a continued effort as programs/product/content is released onto the website. As a business, having a “purchase funnel” for a visitor is the key.

Often times, people already have a funnel in place when it comes to doing business over the phone/in person (Introduction > Sales Pitch > Sign Up > Profit). This practical funnel can and should be used on a website as well (Landing Page / Product > Get a Quote > Profit). Of course, these examples are high-level, but this kind of thought process is essential in the success of a business. Refer to the image below if you need to visual the high-level funnel!

Example Sales Funnel

Developing and utilizing the sales funnel is the base of conversion optimization. This funnel not only provides segments that can be ported and used in Google Analytics, you’re able to easily show potential pain points when it comes to the conversion process as a whole.

From the analyzation of this funnel, you can then dictate what needs created / tested / re-optimized on your website, which can help you identify the best route to make sure customers convert.

While this may be true to an all-channel ideal, Search Engine Optimization benefits from this practice as well, and should be utilized even more considering the traffic source of the natural search channel.

CRO is more than just the sales funnel, it’s about customer experience

The other foundational piece to all of this is the understanding that providing an excellent customer experience first and foremost, will help retain and benefit customers in the long run. Running A/B tests and ensuring that you are providing your customers exactly what they are looking for is the hardest step for businesses to understand.

The optimization of customer experience is considered “the new SEO,” and many businesses are just catching up to the idea that SEO is the new SEO. For that fact alone, understanding that the customer experience and SEO goes hand in hand sets yourself up ahead of the pack.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to establish sales KPIs and a funnel that is realistic to your business. Once the sales funnel is in place, coupling it with SEO will help your business see a growth in sales, sessions and leads!