Articles of the Week – 9/19/2015

Here we are, week two of the challenge. Thanks to one of the articles below, I’ve decided to go with a “best of” list for articles that I found interesting. I haven’t done this kind of post in a long time, so it’s good to get back to giving props to other people in the industry who are working hard getting their voices heard.

Articles of the Week – 9/19/2015

Scientific Reason Why Bullets Are Bad For Presentations

A scientific look into why bullet points are bad for PowerPoint presentations. I am guilty of this every single week – as we make PPT presentations with bullets all over the place. This article though isn’t just about why a person doesn’t want to read bullet points, but how the brain can actually hinder the impact of your presentation due to “cognitive exertion.”

21 Actionable SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now

When it comes to SEO and backlinking, Backlinko is one of my favorite reads. This post is no different and provides excellent doable items that you can incorporate into your website and external linking strategy immediately.

Google+ Links and Reviews Dropped From Google Search Results

Another strong death knell for Google+. Google+ links and reviews are no longer included in Google search results, even for searches for business names.

73 Types of Blog Posts That Are Proven to Work

My favorite post of the week by far. The post was actually from two weeks ago – but it’s this that’s inspired me to go through with this content challenge. Previously, I was only writing one type of content piece and I feel that’s what burned me out quickly. This post is helping me think about content differently, and is helping me brainstorm new ideas for the coming weeks to try and improve my writing ability.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Driving Conversions Through Audience Analysis

Solid insight in discussing why it is essential in analyzing the audience that visits your websites to increase conversion.

5 Tactics to Changing How Your Organization Thinks About Optimization

I really enjoyed reading this article as it deals with a lot of struggles that someone in an agency may have at any level. Very much worth the read if you work for an agency, or are trying to improve the understanding of SEO within your business.

How SEO Became Exciting

An interesting take on why SEO is exciting, and honestly I think David nails it. The psychology of a searcher is always more than just a keyword or a high-ranking page. Learning that a customer is following a particular purchase cycle and managing to show trust within that cycle is incredibly difficult. Adapting the funnel or purchase cycle to your website can be even more difficult with no experience.

Customers/Searchers have grown to understand that they’re not just looking for a keyword anymore, they’re going to do the research necessary to make educated decisions about what they spend their money on.

Overall, a solid week of quality content that’s just waiting to be read. Check back next week for a new post!