(Wholesale Website) is the wholesale website of the company I used to work for in Pittsburgh. It’s run on an ASP.NET platform(a third party handles the deep database coding) and I’m currently in charge of the integration and processing of all orders made through the site, simple graphical updates, and daily administrator tasks such as customer support, credit card restrictions and security, product uploads, setting up promotions and coupons, and just making sure everything stays in check with the site.

During 2010, I was tasked with implementation and testing of various aspects of the wholesale website. From managing the e-commerce section, to making sure the products uploaded, to the initial copy text placed on the site for SEO and ranking purposes. While not only helping with the development and creation of the website, once it was live and as my position dictated, I was tasked with learning MYSQL commands in order to aid with functional troubleshooting of the website for various potential issues(like credit card processing failures as well as customer integration failure).