5 Helpful Tips To Set Your Online Content Apart From Others

Engaging online content is a necessity in today’s world. Inbound Marketers along with everyone in the SEO industry have pounded that drum for the past few years. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly hard right away to create content that’s worth sharing. It’s exactly why the real cream of the crop floats to the top and gets the spoils when it comes to visibility and online shares.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed more trends from the marketing standpoint for content creation and what really makes a post or page worth reading and sharing. It’s time that more businesses start thinking about the quality of their products, and information released online. Releasing a poor product or something that’s low quality can damage your brand. Producing and releasing low quality online content can do the same for your brand in the online world.

Online Content, Blog Copy, Body Copy, TextHere are a few friendly tips on how to really set your online content apart from your competitors and why it matters when it comes to people searching.

Simplicity of the content – It really is time to keep it simple. A lot of the times, people searching for products aren’t using the specific jargon you use in a daily setting. Dumbing it down isn’t a bad thing and you‘ll see almost instant results when you start communicating on the level of the person that’s searching for your product or service.

Original content is a must – I can’t state this enough. Don’t use rehashed content from the supplier that again dips into the jargon that might go over someone’s head. Sure it may take a little more work, but going the extra mile when it comes to creating this content can set your site apart from the other guy using standard content from another authority site. It’s ok to be different, being different is how you get remembered.

Get specific – Avoid general overviews unless it’s for a branding page. If you’re writing a blog post, get incredibly specific to the service you’re discussing. Answer a customer question, talk about a particular use, etc. It’s a great way to build long tail keywords that people are searching for.

Readability – Follow the basics of writing a paper. Each post/page should have a beginning, middle, and end. Make sure that your online content isn’t too text heavy. If it’s incredibly heavy content, make sure to break it up with headings, lists, and images to keep the eyes of the viewer.

Don’t stuff your content with keywords – I’ve seen this too many times to count. People get obsessed with pushing keywords throughout their online content. It’s not a necessity to spam every keyword under the sun. Make sure your content is clear to one subject. Always remember that SEO isn’t immediate especially now that garbage content is just tossed to the side.

Being able to focus on these few tips will immediately make an impact on how your online content is displayed when people search for your service or product. The absolute homerun hitter for your website can be keeping the content as precise and simple as possible. If you end up creating your content that way, you could show up into searches that could be better at providing solid leads and conversions to your website.