5 Free SEO Tools That Can Help With Your Online Visibility

In a world dominated by high-priced SEO Tools looking to take your bank account hostage, there are a few “white knight” free SEO tools that can help. There’s nothing better than having free tools that can make your life easier when it comes to your website, and the market that you’re in.

Unfortunately, for every good free SEO tool, there’s 15 bad ones. The hard part is sifting through all the nonsense to find the ones that can give valuable information to you. So I’ve decided to throw out a few of the SEO tools that I highly recommend and maybe you’ll find some use for them as well.

5 Free SEO Tools

Ubersuggest.org – is a great idea generator when you’re looking to start keyword research for your website or blog post. This tool alone produces keywords using the Google Suggest and other suggestions tools. It’s helped me create some ideas for blog posts as well if I’m having trouble trying to figure out something to write about. Using it along with the Google Adwords keyword tool together can help you quickly remove the scrap keywords and find ones that could be successful for your website.

Tools.seobook.com – has a whole grouping of tools available for use in their free format. From a keyword density analyzer, to a keyword typo generator that shows the most common misspellings of the keyword you’re interested in, this site has a nice collection of free seo tools available for use.

Link Building Strategy Guide by Point Blank SEO – Looking for ideas on how to backlink? This guide is one of the best and most comprehensive lists that I’ve seen on how to plan for backlinking on your website.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider – an excellent spider tool that’s available for free and can be used to diagnose site issues, meta issues, and more. I use it every day on multiple sites to go through and critique some things that I’m specifically looking for.

Smallseotools.com – another good site built around simple tools to offer you information for free. I’ve used it for the plagiarism check and keyword diagnosis tool. Overall, similar to the SEObook suggestion, but I use both at different times for sites that need different information.

So there’s a few of the simple and free SEO tools that I use to get started with diagnosing a site and improving the SEO value of it. Overall, some of them are fairly self-explanatory, and there’s a few more that should be on there, but that’s a great base to get started if you’re new to the game!

What are your favorite free SEO tools?