About Me

So…you’ve come to learn more about me? Well, I’ll tell you the essentials to give you enough details about my professional life, and then we’ll get into the things that interest me and keep me going in my daily life!  So here we go!

The Essentials:
  • Associate’s Degree  in Multimedia Technologies with Honors from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 2006
  • Senior Search Account Manager (Natural Search) for Merkle Inc.
  • 7 years of Search Engine Optimization Experience
  • 7 years of Web Design experience
  • Willing, able, and more than happy to teach myself new web languages or techniques to advance my knowledge of web design/SEO
  • I have dealt with many industry specific experiences across the board, from working in the newspaper industry, to the retail/eCommerce industry, and managing multiple business SEO accounts on a month to month basis.

Now that we’ve gone through the professional essentials list, lets talk about some fun things. I’ll give you the best hits version of my loves and joys in life, and if you have any questions about anything I’ve written, feel free to send me a message!

I enjoy learning, so much so that I feel awkward with myself If I’m not trying something new. It’s a good habit to have in the professional world I work in. I’m a huge hockey fan, more so than a football fan(in Pittsburgh, that always comes across as a huge deal to people). I enjoy SEO so much that it’s not just the professional field I’ve chosen to work in, but it’s also a hobby of mine. From reading about new Google algorithm releases, to trying new techniques on sites that I just get random ideas for, it’s as much fun as hobby as it is a job.

You know, that’s the same with Web Design too. I enjoy reading about the newest things and then working with them whether it’s on this site, or a few others that I work on. My latest goal was making a responsive website(and I’ve accomplished it with this newest portfolio version).

All in all, I consider myself a pretty normal guy who does the every day nerd stuff that a person who grew up in front of computers would do. We all have our quirks I suppose, I’m just fortunate that a lot of my hobbies blend into my career choice as well.